Multipoint Cablecam

Focus on framing, not Flying

About Multipoint Cablecam

Multipoint cablecam for 3DR's Solo lets users set unlimited keyframes in the air to create amazing cinematic shots without worrying about piloting the copter by remembering and smoothing the path.

My Role

I was the lead designer, responsible for flows, wireframes, concepts, prototypes and interaction specifications. Also collaborated closely with developers and flight engineers on implementation.

Sketches and Designs

The first iteration of Multipoint Cablecam was designed to to allow the user to tap add way-points to create a path for the copter were on each keyframe the camera would be pointing at a specific angle. We found this limiting as the user could only think in X/Y axis and not even have a reference to what they were shooting.

After doing further user research I realized that the user would not think about points in space but camera framing. The users intention was to capture a specific frame from an angle in space, whether it be an image or a video sequence. For the final implementation we decided to have the user fly to the specific framing they would like to capture and create a keyframe there, saving the X,Y,Z position and camera angle.

Set first point

Set another point

Set another point

Set last point

Final path

Once the keyframes were set, moving between them had to be simple and intuitive, also communicating to the user where the copter was in relation to their next keyframe was imperative, specially if trying to film a choreographed sequence.

Paper sketch

Controls concept

Interaction concept

Final design


Multipoint Cablecam Video